Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Sunidhi Chauhan Gave Birth To A Baby Boy

Sunidhi Chauhan gave birth to a baby boy in the evening of 1st January, 2018. Both Sunidhi & Hitest Sonik (her husband) were thinking that it would be a girl but it was a boy.

Sunidhi's father Dushyant Chauhan revealed this to Mumbai Mirror, that they both were thinking that it's a girl, his exact words were, "Both Hitesh and Sunidhi were confident it would be a girl so they kept looking for names of girls till the last minute. Their list had no names of boys".

He also added, "My wife and I were the only ones who thought it would be a boy but when we told her that, Sunidhi would say, 'Papa aise mat bolo, I want my baby girl!Now, of course, everyone is ecstatic but the parents still have to pick a name for their son."

Talking about the health of the new born, Dr Ranjana Dhanu, Sunidhi's obstetrician-gynaecologist, told news agency IANS that the "delivery was uneventful" and the baby boy was "healthy and doing well."

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