Saturday, 30 July 2016

Coke Studio For The Deaf - A Great Initiative

Have you ever thought that deaf people also hear the music through sensations? Coke Studio of Pakistan have launched a great initiative by making deaf people listen to the music. You will be surprised how well they understand the music. It will open your mind a little and you will surely not take music for granted. You will be definitely feel emotional after watching this video, it's truly inspirational. 

Watch This Video, It's amazing : 

There is a guy named "Sean Forbes" who is deaf and he produces music as well as sing. 

Listen to him : 

Sean Forbes runs a non-profit organisation D-PAN (The Deaf Performing Arts Network) for deaf people to listen to the music. When he was asked that why he runs this organisation, he said "I think there was a void, so many [deaf] people enjoying music without lyrics. I wanted to make videos inspirational. Music is an escape for many people, I feel like [as] people watching videos, we try to forget about reality.

So, there is a lot to learn for us from these videos. These people are making this world a little delightful by these motivational approaches. 

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