Saturday, 23 July 2016

You Will Fall In Love With B Praak After Watching This Interview

Have you ever wondered that who is behind amazing melodies & compositions of these listed songs.

Soch - Hardy Sandhu
Taara - Ammy Virk
Hornn Blow - Hardy Sandhu
Hauli Hauli - BIG Dhillon

This a very long list of songs which are produced by Prateek A.K.A. B Praak.

Jaani have written all these songs & everyone knows that Jaani is not a conventional lyricist, he is more of a poet. B Praak have turned his poetic creations into marvelous compositions, this shows the depth of this shy yet amazing music composer. He is the son of legendary music composer Vainder Bachan and his uncle Surinder Bachan who composed songs like Nindraan Ni Aundiyan by Babbu Maan & also launched him as a singer. There is certain calmness about B Praak which will attract you towards him and by any chance if you don't consider his songs that good but his personality is awesome. Lets just watch his interview which proves that he is even more fantastic than his songs. 


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