Friday, 12 August 2016

Aditya Narayan's New Single is "Rab Di Kasam" With Arian Romal

Aditya Narayan's upcoming song "Rab Di Kasam" is with Arian Romal whose last song was Billo. It is the first Punjabi song from Aditya Narayan and it is definitely going to be a good song. The video of this song have been shot and both of them are looking for the right time to release the song and it is definitely coming very soon may be in a few days. 

After this single, Aditya Narayan will launch his debut album which will come somewhere between September & October. 

Aditya Narayan also said in an interview that "Right now, I want to completely focus on my singing career and I want to become a proper singing star." This might a little start towards his dream of becoming a rockstar. 

This is a high time for every musical person to be out there singing their own singles and albums.    

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