Sunday, 21 August 2016

Badshah's Driving Slow Spammed With Dislikes On Youtube

Badshah is simply the most famous rapper right now in India but with increasing popularity the number of haters also increases. The same thing happened with him when his new single "Driving Slow" was spammed with dislikes by someone.

Badshah confirmed on Facebook that the spam is reported to Youtube and the dislikes will be removed shortly. 

Badshah have depicted his journey to fame through this track and he criticized everyone who don't like them that might have caused them to do this.

Here's the video where he is talking about the true reason behind this song.

The lyrics are written by Badshah himself and the music is from two American music producers. This song is liked by almost everyone (except few spammers) and Youtube comments are filled with praises for the song and of course Badshah as well.

If you haven't heard this song you can listen to the song here.

On the other hand, his song "Kala Chashma" have crossed 50 Million views. Here are the full lyrics of this song. 

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