Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Sharry Mann's New Single "Carrom Board" Is The Best Thing You'll Hear Today

Sharry Mann is a megastar when it comes to Punjabi songs and the latest addition to his hit songs list is his new single "Carrom Borad". This song is more of today's song & he has nailed it.

As always Sharry himself have written the lyrics (which are prodigious) of this chart buster song and his singing is great as we all know it.

Goldboy is the music composer of this track while the composition is apt for the song but the music could have better, we must add that whatever he has done is commendable. 

Sharry's last song Vadda Bai was a big hit and this one is already hit. The video of this electrifying number is the real plus point and it elevates the song to another level.

This must the best video for a Punjabi song in a long time. Pankaj Verma have written & directed it.   

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