Friday, 2 September 2016

Arjun's New Song 'Sanam Ho Ja' Is Outstandingly Awesome

Arjun the United Kingdom artist who is a incredibly talented singer & music producer have brought in front us his marvelous creation 'Sanam Ho Jo'. 

This track is one of the best song from him which is in Hinglish (Hindi + English). Before, this 25 year old singer have sung covers of famous Hindi song but this one is entirely original which makes it really special and refreshing.

It is sung, produced & penned by him with the Hindi lyrics from Raqeeb Alam who have done an equally fine job in writing. 

The video looks amazing and which is directed by Hasinth Pathirana. The beat of this song is really sick, it truly deserves this kind of video. 

Here are the lyrics of this song:

Don’t know your name,
But I’ll play your game,
I love the chase,
So come my way,
It’s the way you move,
Got me in the mood,
Tryin’ to play it cool,
Babe I’m too into you,
I don’t care if you’re Indie,
I don’t care if you’re Mexican,
Either way it’s gonna go down,
Any country city or town,
For full lyrics please click here

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